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        ?Grain, the journal of eclectic writing, is a literary quarterly that publishes engaging, eclectic, and challenging writing and art by nadian and international writers and artists.

        Front Cover Grain 49.4.png

        “various names for sky”
        Grain Volume 49.4, Summer 2022

        Morgan Dick, Ava Fathi, Cynthia Flood, il Judy, Jeremy Lanaway, Alan Spinney, Sandra Whitworth. Non-Fiction: Tej Rae, Claire Sicherman. Poetry: Tammy Armstrong, Michelle Barker, Elena Bentley, Ronna Bloom, Su Croll, Julie Eliopoulos, Sarah Feldman, Triny Finlay, Susan Gillis, Teya Hollier, rob mclennan, Christina McRae, Barbara Nickel, Bruce Rice, Okajide Salawu, James Scoles, Kenneth Sherman, Andrew Weaver, Genevive Wynand.

        Cover Image: Panel 2, Triptych Passages, 2017-2019. Enustic and mixed media on birch wood panel. Artist for issue: Anne Brochu Lambert

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